Widyatama University is included in the 10 Best Universities according to Webometrics

The second edition of the Webometrics university ranking for 2023 has been published. This ranking uses webometric (entire campus mission) and bibliometric (research) indicator data.

The ranking of universities by Webometrics started in 2004. Now, there are more than 20 thousand universities included in the ranking.
Webometrics Ranking Methodology July 2023
There are several Webometrics ranking indicators that are used to show the performance of each university, although the scores are not used in the calculations. Based on information quoted from the official Webometrics website, the following indicators are currently being applied:

1. Visibility
Visibility indicators show the impact of the content of each university site. Webometrics looks at this indicator through the number of networks or external sites related to the official campus website. The source of the visibility indicator is Ahref Majestic and is weighted at 50 percent.

2. Transparency
What is meant by transparency indicators are the researchers who are cited. This indicator refers to the citations of 310 researchers, including the top 20 outliers. The source of the transparency indicator is Google Scholar Profiles and is given a weight of 10 percent.

3. Excellence
The excellence indicator refers to the most cited studies. This indicator is based on the amount of research among the top 10 percent most cited in each of 27 disciplinary fields.

The excellence indicators are obtained from data from 2018 to 2022 and sourced from Scimago. Webometrics gives 40 percent weight for this indicator.

15 Best Universities in West Java According to Webometrics 2023

  1. University of Indonesia, ranked 1st in Indonesia
  2. Bandung Institute of Technology, ranking in Indonesia 3
  3. IPB University, ranked 6th in Indonesia
  4. Telkom University, ranked 11th in Indonesia
  5. Padjadjaran University Bandung, ranked 16th in Indonesia
  6. Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, ranked 21st in Indonesia
  7. UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung, ranked 23rd in Indonesia
  8. Gunadarma University, ranked 36th in Indonesia
  9. Maranatha Christian University, ranked 49th in Indonesia
  10. Widyatama University, ranked 66th in Indonesia
  11. Parahyangan Catholic University, ranked 67th in Indonesia
  12. Indonesian Computer University, ranked 80th in Indonesia
  13. Bandung Islamic University, ranked 92nd in Indonesia
  14. General Achmad Yani University, ranked 118th in Indonesia
  15. Ibn Khaldun University Bogor, ranked 126th in Indonesia

Source: https://www.detik.com/edu/perguruan-tinggi/d-6849609/15-universitas-terbaik-di-jawa-barat-versi-webometrics-2023-paling-update